Bolje Red tails u ruci nego WoT na...

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Bolje Red tails u ruci nego WoT na... Empty Bolje Red tails u ruci nego WoT na...

Post  Vecko on Mon May 14, 2012 3:14 am

Evo sta je jedan kolega sa ED foruma naucio nakon gledanja pomenutog "spektakla" !

Things I learned after watching Red Tails (2012):

1. Germans are not smart, you're leading the enemy back to your base and don't think about radioing ahead to warn them.
2. The enemy is more polite then your own countrymen, they refer to the Red tails as 'Africans' and your own use the n-word.
3. Escaping from a German POW camp looks really easy.
4. A good way to pickup Italian women is to do a flyover of her house and then show up at her doorstep.
5. When you design an airfield in a combat zone, make sure you place the buildings and tents within 20 feet of the runway sides and put the largest concentration at the end of the runway.
6. When you yank back on the stick and kick the rudder hard at 400+ km/h your plane will stop and pirouette in mid-air and your guns will align up perfectly on the enemy on your six.
7. Me-262s always attacked in packs of 20 or so.
8. When you are escorting bombers to the enemy's capital it is no big deal to chatter incessantly on the radios and even talk about where you are going and where you are.
9. Me-262's sound like Tie Fighters from Star Wars.
10. Making a head-on pass at an Me-262's cannons is a smart tactical move.
11. German warships sailed alone in broad daylight right near an American air base.
12. Despite being 180+ km/h faster, German jets are cupcakes when facing the Red Tails.
13. Me-262's cannons are only strong enough to plink aircraft hulls and put small holes into the canopy.
14. .50 cal machine guns on B17s sounded like that of a twin turbo laser.
15. When your best friend dies during aerial combat and you see his plane crash to the ground, you woodenly say "Damn!" like you just dropped your slice of pizza.
16. Fighters are now required to fly in between the bombers to protect them.
17. Momma doesn't care if the foreigner you let in your home soils your couch with your daughter in a premarital romp that would create a shotgun wedding back home.
18. German 30mm rounds made 8mm bullet holes.
19. German prison guards are horrible shots.
20. American bomber pilots all wear leather jackets with a big picture of a B17 on the back like a high school letterman's jacket.
21. The Germans only used 109s, skipped 190s, and went straight to a whole lone squadron of Me-262s.
22. Italian women say, "I love you" first in the relationship.

Any Italian ladies here by the way?

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