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Nova zakrpa za DCS:BS 2 Empty Nova zakrpa za DCS:BS 2

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Nova zakrpa za DCS:BS 2 13
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change log za DCS:BS
Crash with South Ossetia in Fast Mission Generator is corrected.
Added option to turn tree shadows off and on. Setting tree shadows off will result in better frame rates.
HDR effect on sun corrected.
Dust and smoke grenade effects at night no longer appear as if day.
Fixed building errors at Sukhumi airbase
Visibility range of rocket smoke marker has been increased.
Contrail duration time is reduced.
Corrupted NVG image after long use is corrected.
Tree shadow rendering improved.
SEAD flights use anti-radiation missiles correctly again.
Crash with more than one aerial tanker in a mission is corrected.
Orbit trigger action has been corrected.
FARP and airbase ATC now respond correctly after landing.
Ground unit logic of driving over bridges adjusted.
Repeating wingman rejoin messages fixed.
Landing gear door animation for Ka-50 is fixed.
Trim with force feedback joysticks has been fixed.
NVG effects re-done.
Turning down Shkval contrast, produced Negative light in cockpit, making HUD completely dark at night, effect of this problem has been reduced.

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